5 Photography Trends for 2024 that You Should Know About

5 Photography Trends for 2024 that You Should Know About

Keeping an eye on photography trends is extremely useful for photographers that want to better understand and improve their influence. It’s true, trends can not only indicate what type of photography is making waves but also the skills and ideas that photographers might need to stay ahead. With so much change over the past year, photography trends have also needed to evolve even faster in order to stay relevant to the way we live today. But what photography trends in 2021 should you know about?


Let’s take a look at some photography trends that seem to stand out…


5 Photography Trends for 2021 that You Should Know About


1. Using Photography to Create NFTs

Are you familiar with NFT’s? Photographers can use this rising trend to further monetize their work while embracing what will surely be the marketplace of the future. NFT refers to a digital token (non-fungible token) that is stored on a secure database. Each NFT is unique and a relatively new technology called blockchain allows people to buy and sell these digital pieces of art which makes them a digital asset. Just so you know, this market has exploded over the past year and an NFT recently sold for more than $69 million! Fancy making a few bob from your shots? This Forbes article should help you get started with this incredibly fast-moving photography trend!

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Dane Jackson at the Green River Race


2. Going Offline with Real People and Real Life Events

At the same time, people seem to be somewhat tired of exaggerated representations of what happens in real-life (Hello, Instagram). This is especially true as the pandemic wears on and people are craving more realism and authenticity in life. In terms of photography trends, this simply means that we might embrace humanity a bit more and focus on photography for events and hopefully even a concert or two this summer!


Preparing for the days market in Hanoi, Vietnam


3. Placing Emphasis on Isolation and Social Distance

You don’t need reminding that social distancing is a pretty big deal at the moment and this photography trend is going strong since last year. But what does this look like exactly?
Aside from the visual of masks or being 6 feet apart, it’s necessary to create an emotional sense of isolation. Silhouettes are the best example of such, for this quickly portrays the separation that we see in today’s society. Either way, this photography trend is all about nurturing a powerful and impactful emotion that creates an instant connection.

New Zealand Lanscape

4. Using the Great Outdoors to Connect

With so much emphasis on space and staying apart, more and more people are turning to the great outdoors. In fact, people are turning to nature for relief just as much as safety which makes outdoor photography a great way to connect with people. This can relate to photography of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping or biking just as much as landscape photography itself.

Trade and lore coffee shop

5. Mastering the Art of Cinematic Photography

It’s a rather big compliment to have a piece of work described as “cinematic” or “Just like a movie”. Unfortunately for many photographers, they think that cinematic photography requires a great deal of skill and not worth the effort. However, some simple tweaks can help you make the most of this photography trend in 2021.


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