What are Chatbots and Do I Need Them?

What are Chatbots and Do I Need Them?

By now I’m sure you’ve seen some version of a chatbot on a website or mobile app. You know the little chat bubble that hangs out in the bottom right corner of the screen? It might have a little pop-up that says something along the lines of “How can I help you today?” 

Today we’re going to explore these chatbots on what they accomplish and help you figure out if you need one for your site?

In this blog post, I’m going to tell you all about chatbots, the different kinds, where to find them, and whether or not if you need one for your site or app.


What is a Chatbot?

There are a few different kinds of chatbots, so let’s talk about the AI Chatbot first. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) Chatbot is software that can simulate a user conversation with a natural language through a messaging application. Typically this kind of chatbot has been programed with hundreds to thousands of responses to commonly asked questions.

For example, your favorite restaurant may have a chatbot to help answer questions like what’s on the menu for today or what time does the restaurant closes and even can take your reservation all directly from the one chatbot.

These AI chatbots can be very convincing in that it can make the user think they are talking to a real person when in fact it’s all just preprogrammed responses. I saw one AI chatbot that other day that was named “Susan” with an avatar picture of a middle aged woman., but after about 10 minutes I quickly realized that “Susan” was in fact a robot and not a real person, but It did have me fooled for a hot minute because you don’t associate the name Susan with a robot, you associate the name Susan with a middle-aged woman.

On the opposite side of that are chatbots that are actually real-life humans. A lot of car dealerships for example will have a dedicated online sales representative whose, the sole job is to attend to the online chat and was always ready to help answer any questions that a prospective buyer might have. After the user leaves, the sales rep would also gather any information from the user to follow up to help land the sale.


Why are Chatbots Popular?

The main benefits and the argument for chatbots is that it helps give the user or website visitor the answers to their questions they need within seconds and with AI Chatbots they can deliver those answers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and by engaging with your customer at any time. 

When is the best time to make a sale? As soon as possible and with chatbots they can really help with customer engagement in order to help the customer decide to make the purchase. 

Benefits Include:

  • Deliver Faster Chat Support
  • Cut Down on Support Costs
  • Offer Proactive Customer Service
  • Helps with collecting data and customer leads

Chatbots can be good and bad

The Bad Side of Chatbots

In regards to AI chatbots, they can only provide the support or answers to questions that they are programmed to answer. So while they “chat” they can’t “think” If the user asks a question that the chatbot hasn’t been programmed to answer then the chatbot won’t be able to comprehend the question thus leaving the customer frustrated.

There are other companies that have used AI chatbots but claimed that it’s a live chat or that it’s a live person, but customers can usually tell right away if it’s a robot and doesn’t appreciate the facade. This is a sure-fire way to eliminate any brand loyalty or trust in that company.

Other chatbot bubbles can just be straight-up annoying with constant bubbles that pop up asking if you need help or assistance. It’s like walking into a department store and being bombarded by 5 sales reps every 2 seconds when you’re just there to browse around in peace and quiet.

Not to mention that some chatbots can get in the way of the actual content that you are trying to look at on a site especially on mobile when the screen real estate is a lot more limited.


Where Do You Find These Chatbots?

It really just depends on what type of chatbots you’re looking for, but here are a few to look into.

Join.Chat is a WhatsApp WordPress chat plugin that gives you the option to activate a chatbot to answer FAQ’s related to your business or product. $24 for one website, $48 for the three websites, or $149 for unlimited number of websites. 

Collect.chat WordPress chatbot is great for service based businesses. It allows you to choose a template to allow visitors to set up appointments by providing a calendar feature that will also connect to your Google Calendar. They have a free plan of up to 50 responses a month. A Lite Plan for $24/month or a Plus Plan for $99/month. 

Tidio features a clean interface and an easy to integrate into any WordPress website. They offer the choice between setting it up for live chat with you or one of your team members or you can also choose their virtual ai chat with access of up to 20+ templates that you can build upon. They offer a free plan for 100 unique visits, $39/month, and a $15/month (Billed per operator) 

Drift is your more robust chatbot that offers a fully scalable chatbot sales and marketing solution. Featuring personalized customer experiences that you can implement across all channels. Pricing for Drift is not accessible, but you can go here to learn more about their different plans.

Those are just 4 of the many chatbot plugins and companies that offer them. Just remember that not all chatbots are created equal and they really range among all price levels. 


Which Chatbot Do I Use? 


I saved the best for last for a reason!

You’ve decided that you don’t want a robot talking to your potential customers, but you also don’t want to be logged into your website or the backend of your chat platform 24 hours a day. What do you then? Is there a happy medium that can solve this? Well, you’re in luck because there is!

Introducing ManyChat!

ManyChat is what I’m currently using here on my website. It allows me to have a chatbot or chat like feature on my site that I can directly connect to my direct messages on Instagram, Facebook, and also directly to my text messages on my phone.

This allows me to increase my engagement with website visitors and help to generate more leads by providing instant or near-instant support. Since I’m already checking my DM’s (Direct Messages) throughout the majority of the day and night ManyChat helps direct my website visitors to my DM’s.

I don’t need to code anything and I also have the option to program it if I want with responses as well all with a drag n’ drop interface. ManyChat also allows me to capture information in order to send out coupons, discounts, promotions, newsletters and even booking confirmations.

If you use Google Sheets, MailChimp, Hubspot or any of those other tools, you’ll be happy to know that they can be easily integrated with ManyChat.

The best part of ManyChat is that it’s free for the basic features and engagement for up to 1,000 contacts, which is perfect for my small business. If you plan on more than 1,000 contacts their pro version starts at only $15/month! This price then scales from there depending on the number of contacts.

ManyChat Chatbot Platform

The Bottom Line

Love them or hate them, Chatbots are here to stay. I highly recommend doing your own research on the different kinds of chatbots that are being offered and if they will either help convert sales or if they will scare potential customers away. It’s a delicate balance, but I can say from experience that I’ve had a lot more personal interactions with my website visitors than otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to.

Try out one or two of the chatbots that I talked about and see if they’ll work for you. Let me know down in the comments if you use a chatbot on your website or mobile app or let me know if you have any additional recommendations? 



Curious to learn more?

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Going from a Junior Web Developer to a Digital Media Superstar

Going from a Junior Web Developer to a Digital Media Superstar

Featured Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

If you’re reading this, it means you finally got your foot in the door of that web development company that you’ve had your eye on. Congratulations, this is the beginning of a very rewarding career path, but now I bet you’re wondering “okay, cool, I’m a full-fledged (junior) web developer, but what now? Where do I go from here?”

The first thing you probably think is that you’ll just work towards that senior developer position, but what if you work for a small company and that person doesn’t seem to be leaving any time in this decade? What do you do then? What should your goal be?

I hope to help you young padawan and help answer some of these questions to help prepare you and help you shoot for the stars in this vast digital media world. (Don’t worry, I’ll try to keep the Star Wars references to a minimum, but no promises.)


Please note* That most of this blog refers to being a web developer as it refers to building websites and mobile applications. 


In this blog post, I’m going to touch upon the different job positions, starting salaries or possible salary rates for those positions, the overall job description, and the skills required to thrive.

Grab a coffee or today maybe grab yourself an iced latte get crazy, and let’s dive in!


Senior Web Developer

You already know what is required from your current job as a junior web developer, but do you know what might be required from you as a senior web developer? 

The first thing you’ll need to do is to make sure that you have a good grasp of everything that is currently required from being a junior web developer, which could include everything from working with HTML, CSS, Jquery, and JSON to graphic design with a strong knowledge of WordPress and at least one of the top 5 builder platforms.

Once you believe you can do your current job in your sleep then it’s time to start looking at that senior position. This position could mean doing the same work that you do now, but just on a slightly higher level. Lower-level tasks you can now hand off to your junior developer. It could also mean that you are in charge of the project making all of the design decisions and you might start delegating the actual coding or website building to your team.

As a senior developer, you’ll be responsible for the final say on a website or application and if it’s ready to be launched or if there is more work that needs to done. You could also spend time on doing researching new design trends, Google standards, and conduct other tests on plugins or methods that could help your team’s workflow. I think the most overlooked skill for any developer is making sure they have great communication skills. You’ll need to be able to effectively communicate with both your team and in most cases also directly with the customer.

At the time of this writing, the current salary for a senior web developer for Western North Carolina is $70,000 to $90,000, but those numbers are much higher in bigger cities.  Salary Estimates from ZipRecruiter.

Divi Builder from Elegant Themes

Project/Team Director

The project director oversees the entire team and in most cases, this could also mean overseeing different teams from the developers to the SEO specialists, project managers, and customer support team members. For this position, you’ll need to be ready to have an understanding of what everyone does and if you don’t know how to do every job, then you will be required to know the people that you can direct to get the job done.

In this position, you probably won’t be doing too much of the actual design, code, or even dealing directly with customers (unless of course it’s an angry one) and in most cases, you’ll be required to make sure that the team and project are all operating as a well-oiled machine. You’ll need to keep close tabs on whether or not the team is meeting goals whether that is sales goals, timeline, scheduling goals, or other goals that are specified by the company.

Director salaries are harder to estimate because this will be different according to the number of job duties set forth, but on Glassdoor.com they have it set at an average of $83,575/year.

Digital agency director having a meeting with his team

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

CEO / Owner

Whoa, that was a short ladder to the top. One of the biggest things when it comes to being a web developer and being in the digital media industry is there is a lot of different avenues that you can go down, but most of these paths won’t always have a ton of different positions within them.

You can be a junior marketing specialist to a senior marketing specialist or you can be a junior AR designer to a senior AR designer. As the CEO, I’m assuming you already know that this basically means you’re the king of the castle and you make all of the big decisions for the company and for the salary, well the sky is the limit. The same with being the owner of the company, you’ll have all of the main responsibilities, and more than likely you’ll spend your days in meetings or zoom meetings with your team that could be located anywhere in the world. I’m not going to dive any deeper into the CEO position, but instead, I want to pivot and talk about being the owner of a digital media company that specializes in a handful of digital services.

Design Agency Services

Photo by Eva Elijas from Pexels

Website Design & Marketing Agency

Now this might not be for everyone and honestly, this option is arguably the hardest one to achieve, but if done right could help you reach your highest goal of building a company from scratch, and with great risk, comes an even greater reward!

If you’re someone like me, you enjoy all aspects of digital media and you don’t want to limit yourself to only building websites for plumbers or whatever websites you are currently building. You love building WordPress websites, but you also have a passion for SEO and Google analytics. You enjoy being creative to the highest degree in you take that energy to dream up new marketing campaigns. Maybe you also love to spend hours upon hours in Adobe Illustrator coming up with branding concepts or logo design. You might want to consider going out on your own and building a website design and marketing agency.

Here are a few specialized services your media company could offer:

1: Brand Identity & Logo Design.

2: Website Design & Development.

3: WordPress Hosting & Support.

4: UI/UX Design & App Development.

5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

6: Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC).

7: Social Media Marketing.

8: Package & Mechandise Design.

9: Mobile App Development.

10: Photography & Videography Services.

That is just a small portion of what your digital agency could offer, but the list could really go beyond those listed above! For your salary, well as I said before it really just depends on you and what you want to value your services at and of course you’ll also need to research what other agencies charge for these services and whether or not if your services are specialized or ninched down enough to warrant the extra fees and price levels.

The biggest thing to rememeber with this path is that you’ll need to not only help with marketing for your clients, but you’ll also need to do marketing for your own company. The best plan is start small by offering a few services to start and then scale up from there and once you are able to hire on, then you’ll be able to offer additional services and also hire out help for customer outreach among everything else that a company needs to be successful.

Next Steps for success

Next Steps

Remember to always keep investing in your own learning. Subscribe to newsletters on web development, marketing, videography, or whatever you think will make you stronger in the industry. If you don’t have experience of owning a company, I would highly recommend either taking a few business classes or even just starting a small business like selling candles. This can teach you more valuable lessons of entrepreneurship than any teacher can teach in a classroom. Everything I learned from managing a business comes from my 10 years of owning a clothing line, where I wore all of the hats and did all of the things required to have a successful business. The lessons that I learned from that experience still holds true to everything that I continue to do today. Remember this is only the beginning and it might seem like the road ahead is long, but with enough passion and drive you can make anything possible!


Curious to learn more?

Read: Landing Page: Back to Basics

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Plugin, Plugout, Let Me Begin!

Plugin, Plugout, Let Me Begin!

Love them or hate them, WordPress plugins are necessary to building a website efficiently.

What should I tell you about WordPress plugins? Well for starters they make life easy, but they can also break an entire and make you want to pull your hair out at the same time. There are millions of plugins to choose from and even more coming every day, but not all are created equal.

In this blog post, I’m not going to give you my top 53 plugins that I use or 204 plugins that are great for e-commerce sites. Today, I’m going to tell you about a few key plugins that I used for my current website project of a local brewery and how they help with producing the content that is needed for the site.

Once again, grab a coffee or today maybe grab yourself an iced latte get crazy, and let’s dive into these plugins.


Contact Form 7 & “Use Any Font”

Contact form 7, oh I do dislike you, but being the industry-standard plugin for contact forms, I will deal with it. Contact form 7 is a custom form builder with over 5+ million installations that supports CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering. As long as you are quite handy with CSS, then you can design this form quite easily and the form overall is pretty lightweight as far as code is concerned. The main problem is the amount of spam that still gets through these contact forms, but unfortunately, there is only so much we can do to prevent this from happening.

“Use Any Font” is a straight-to-the-point no non-sense plugin that does exactly what the name implies. With this plugin, you can import your standard font files in order to use your custom font on your website. In my case, I needed to use the new custom font for the rebrand that I created and thus this plugin was a lifesaver in order to bring that font into WordPress.


OxyMonster Framework & Recoda

Since the builder that I used for this site was Oxygen, it only made sense to bring some plugins that were designed for Oxygen users. OxyMonster Framework is a CSS framework based on the Tailwind CSS framework and you don’t what that means, don’t it’s okay as it basically just means that it’s utility-based framework that will make your life easier when it comes to designing the site. The framework includes design kits and 500+ blocks that you can use for your website. It’s both lightweight and packed full of features.

You can think of Recoda as a workspace that you can place inside of Oxygen to make things flow better with designing the site. Everything from one click interfaces and easily switch between interfaces to a number of additional shortcuts that recoda makes possible to use inside of the Oxygen builder. Recoda can significantly speed up the overall design flow and I highly recommend this plugin when building with Oxygen.


Modern Events Calendar Lite & Rank Math SEO

Can’t find when the next beer release is for your favorite brewery? Perhaps you should tell them to hire me to install a new events calendar for their website!

The modern events calendar lite is by far one the best events plugins that I’ve seen that you don’t have to pay an arm, a leg, and your soul for. This plugin makes it super easy to set all of the upcoming events for different days, weeks, or yearly events. You can color code everything to easily navigate through along with daily, weekly, or monthly calendar views and sorting options.

Rank Math SEO, I know, I know. It’s not Yoast, but hear me out. I’m quickly realizing how much I love Rank Math SEO and how easy they really make things for the fast-paced SEO team. Rank Math takes all of the guesswork out of what you should be doing for SEO and recommends/guides you through it all. The setup wizard is top notch along with a clean interface makes this my preferred SEO plugin.

New Zealand Lanscape
New Zealand Lanscape

There you have it

I know this list wasn’t that long, but sometimes you don’t need a million plugins on your site. You just need the important ones that can get things done. Which were your favorite? Do you use any of these plugins on your site?


Curious to learn more?

There are a ton of plugins out there and I would love to go through more of them. Let us know in the comments if there is a plugin you think I should dive into next time.

If you are thinking of having a website built or you are designing a website for your company, keep these design resources in mind and let us know in the comments if you have any additional resources to add?


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Nimble Builder Vs Divi Builder – Best Builder in 2022

Nimble Builder Vs Divi Builder – Best Builder in 2022

When it comes to building websites, it’s all about how to build them fast and efficiently.

If you are going to build a website and you don’t plan to write all of the code from scratch, (because who really has time for that?) then you will more than likely opt for a page builder and as long as you stay away from Wix or Squarespace then you’ll be alright. Nothing against those two, but if you really want to build the next great website with more customization than you could dream of then you’ll want to look into a page builder that covers all of your needs.

There are plenty of builders out there now and every day there is a new one that pops up, but not all of them are created equal. If you choose wrong, you could not only waste time and money, but you could also open your site up to hacks and limit your ability to scale your business. We’re not going to go through the hundreds of builders in this post, but today we are going to discuss the new kid on the block “Nimble Builder” versus the original gangster “Divi Builder.”

Grab a coffee (or your preferred beverage), because we are about to dive in and see which builder is the best in 2022.


The Interface and The Visuals

I might receive some flack for saying this, but I personally believe that the interface is the single most important thing when it comes to these page builders. Other people will probably say speed, content modules, support, and or other features. None of those things matter if you can’t even figure out how to use the builder to even build a simple contact page.

Starting with the Nimble builder. I automatically notice that it has all of the normal things that you would expect to find in a builder. They give you the ability to add sections, rows, and modules. Site wide options and a moderate amount of content modules to build the page out with. Nimble promotes itself as being simple and fast. I can honestly say that they really nailed down the “simple” aspect as the interface is straight black and white with very little design details.

I can’t help but be a little bored already by looking at this interface with how plain and simple it really is and once you go through everything a few times it’s not too hard to figure out where things are located and then being able to place the content on the page, but it does seem like something is missing from the experience of building out a page.


Now with the Divi Builder, you’ll be drawn to the easy-to-navigate interface that is also highly involved with using colors to help separate the differences between sections, rows, and different modules. As a more of visual learner, I’m drawn to these interface design aspects to help with building out a site. Both builders can achieve mostly the same things, but you will have to adjust to using one over the other and figure out how to navigate each interface to create the site that you want to build.


I need content now

Nimble Builder, I was able to locate the different content modules that you can simply drag and drop into your page. (All builders will have this drag and drop feature, but some of them will have more modules than others.) Nimble I was able to find roughly 25 modules ranging from text, buttons, accordions, and more.

Divi boasts more than 50 different modules that really run the gambit of what you can think of using for your site, but what is even better than that is the massive amounts of 3rd party developers that strictly create additional modules for the Divi platform. Divi might have 50+ modules, but the Divi community gives you access to thousands of modules and additional divi add-ons

New Zealand Lanscape
New Zealand Lanscape

Make it advanced!

Nimble’s advanced features include animations, additional header options, and other effects. With Nimble they give you the ability to create an animation on just about any element with a quick fade, slide, or bounce effect. Along with that, you can also define additional background colors and logo image dimensions on scroll, but that is about where it ends with Nimble when it comes to advanced features.

Divi’s advanced features include all of the normal animation options, but they now also include several different scroll effect animations for any element in order to really make your site a truly interactive experience. Another great feature that divi offers that I believe people tend to look past is split testing. Divi allows you the option to create split tests for any page, any section, any row. Split testing allows for tracking different audience interactions with the different versions of the elements and that will enable you to see which design delivers the better results. Divi is constantly releasing new features and I would highly recommend subscribing to their newsletter in order to keep up with their innovation.


Is it easy?

I know what you’re saying, you’re saying “Dan, okay cool I get it, but which one is the easiest to use, and how effective is each builder?”

How easy a builder is pretty subjective to what you feel most comfortable with using and your personal experience with builders. Both builders are easy to use if you are simply trying to put together a quick website with minimal content, but it just depends on how in-depth your website needs to be and what you need to implement into the site will determine how hard a builder is to use or to figure out how to incorporate different elements or design structures.

New Zealand Lanscape
New Zealand Lanscape

Which one wins?

When it comes down to brass tax, The overall design, features, the massive amounts of modules, and customization. I believe the Divi Builder wins this comparison 100x over. The divi community is one of the best builder communities out there and is always willing to lend a helping hand to new developers.

Nimble builder is simple and offers some of the most basic elements, but as they continue to grow and develop their builder I wouldn’t just completely rule them out just yet.

I would suggest thinking about which features do you value the most and of course another thing that might come in play is pricing and what will meet your budget. As always, its best to dive into each of them and simply play around in each of them to get a feel for both of them.

Curious to learn more?

There are a ton of builders out there and I would love to go through each and every one of them in more depth. Let us know in the comments if there is a builder you think I should dive into next time.

If you are thinking of having a website built or you are designing a website for your company, keep these design resources in mind and let us know in the comments if you have any additional resources to add?


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Landing Page: Back to Basics

Landing Page: Back to Basics

Do I really need a landing page?

This is something that I get asked quite often and most of the time my answer is quite unexpected.

I tell my clients that it really depends on what you’re trying to have your landing page do for your business. In some instances, a landing page can be quite helpful in order to showcase your business to someone that has never heard of you and it can help achieve a quick goal like obtaining an email address by getting the user to sign up for the newsletter. On the other hand, not every website or business needs a landing page as most landing pages on average only have a 2.35% conversion rate and in some cases when designed poorly can turn customers away from visiting the rest of your website.

That being said, let’s discuss what all goes into a high converting landing page.



I’ve chosen the landing page for Keap.com for us to analyze and to dive into the details of what makes this such a great landing page for them. The best way to discover landing pages is by doing a simple Google search and then clicking on the links at the top of the search and yes these are the paid ads that I’m referring to.

This particular landing page for Keap I found when I searched for “Active Campaign.” Active Campaign is an email marketing and automation marketing services company. The main purpose of this landing page for Keap is to show the visitor that Keap is better than its competitor “ActiveCampaign.”


What’s their goal?

Right from the start, you’ll notice there is no main navigation on this page as the landing page only has one main goal and that is for you to see a demo of how Keap works and how they are better than their competitor. The main heading states “Keap outranks ActiveCampagin in every major catergory” and with this main heading set the tone for the landing page. Right under the main heading, they go directly into recommending that the visitor compare their services to ActiveCampaign’s services.

They are right away asking you to compare the two companies and expecting for visitors to take action.


The pictures make it real

Keap utilizes infographics along with images that show teasers for their features, but with each image and section showing the user reasons why they are better than ActiveCampaign. These are highly effective methods in showing the user the ways in which they are better, but it also shows the features and benefits of what Keap can do for their customers.

New Zealand Lanscape

Features, benefits, and everything in between

Keap starts off with listing out the numbers such as 84% of Keap customers saw an increase in clients and they have a 9 out of 10 ranking for customer service. From there they go into their detailed infographic of what Keap Pro can do versus what ActiveCampaign can do. This checklist method can be found everywhere whether if it’s T-mobile comparing themselves to Verizon or Ford versus BMW, but it’s an effective way to show the features of one company over another.

New Zealand Lanscape

Keap promotes easy set up, powerful tools, make more sales and get them faster, more organization with better value. I think the most compelling is their promotion of their tools from smart forms, campaign management, and even landing page tools all the while explaing why each tool is signicantly better than what is offered by ActiveCampaign.

Show me the proof

You can’t just say that you are better than your competitor and you can’t always show why you’re better either. One of the most effective things that you can do for your landing page is provide the proof. Social proof is where a business will showcase any awards or recognition from different rating services. Keap showcases their rating from Capterra and also their rating/award from G2.com.

Keap goes even farther by placing not one, but two section sliders with testimonials from thier customers to help prove what they’ve been saying throughout the landing page.

New Zealand Lanscape
New Zealand Lanscape

Make it effective

On this landing page, Keap has strategically placed 5 “See Demo” links and 1 “Try it free” links as their CTA. It’s becoming more and more popular to showcase these CTA’s in this fashion of the “See Demo” instead of all of the links being the “Try it free” method as see demo is less invasive and less commitment to just viewing the demo rather than clicking on the try it for free button.

Typically I know that if it says “try it free” then I automatically assume now that I’ll probably be required to give up my email or that I might have to actually set up an account in order to just “try it for free. The “see demo” eliminates the automatic assumption that I’m going to have to give up an email address or that it might take up more of my time than I’m willing to give up.

Curious to learn more?

There are plently of resources out there that go through the in’s and outs of effective landing pages. Two of my favorite resources is Neil Patel’sHow to make a landing page that C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S.” and SEMrush’s blog post on “4 Characteristics high converting landing pages have in common.”

New Zealand Lanscape

Do you need a landing page for your business? What landing page attributes are important to you? Let us know in the comments below

If you are thinking of having a website built or you are designing a website for your company, keep these design resources in mind and let us know in the comments if you have any additional resources to add?


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Design Resources Guaranteed to Make You a Better Developer for Tomorrow

Design Resources Guaranteed to Make You a Better Developer for Tomorrow

Do you have the right tools for the job?

As web developers, we are constantly asked to design websites better, faster, and make it last for as long as possible, but do you have the right tools for the job?

Your number one goal that you should always make, is to make sure you have a healthy amount web sites saved in your perfectly organized favorites folders. (Yes, I admit, I’m not always that organized, however my favorites folders are constantly updated several times a year.) By having these websites at the ready will not only make you a better web developer, but they will also help decrease the amount of time that you’ll spend trying to find them.

Oh The Colors That You’ll Find

My favorite site to figure out a great color palette is Coolors, here you’ll be able to quickly sort through the thousands upon thousands of colors quickly and you can sort the colors by different color methods. In addition to Coolors, I also utilize Colormind this site allows you to look through colors quickly, but it also lets you visualize what the colors would look like for some common website elements such as headings, cards, backgrounds, and ect.


A Picture is Worth A Thousand….

Where does one find the best stock photography that is also free? Unsplash. Unsplash has a vast array of images to choose from and about 90% of my images come from Unsplash for a personal project. For professional purposes, I use Deposit photos as they tend to have more commercial typical photos. My other favorite is Pixabay, pixabay has a great selection of images and they tend to be on the funny side or just plain fun as opposed to the boring stock photos that everyone else has.


Ucon, Icon

Are you even a web developer if you don’t have a few dozen websites that are strictly full of icons for you to incorporate into your project? I really love Font Awesome because well they are one of the originals, but I also love the Noun Project because you can find some really interesting icons that are very unique.

New Zealand Lanscape

Cascade Style Sheet & Beyond

The thing that designers love & also kind of also hate the most. CSS and all of its wonders are how we really turn a blank white internet website into a magnificent work of art. I go to every corner of the internet to research the latest trends in CSS, but my two go-to sites are CSS TRICKS and CodePen. CSS tricks have detailed blog posts with current css trends, tips, and tricks of all kinds. CodePen is a collection of other developers that have created different things using html, css, and JS, which you can view straight code with the ability to play around with the code right on the site. It’s pretty neat, you should give it a try!

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Let’s Go to The Upside Down!

Now you might feel like you are on an episode of stranger things with this one, but one of the newest and hottest trends is “Dark Mode” and basically turning the lights out on rather bright websites and apps. Here are two resources that will help you navigate through the unknown. Material System and Apple’s Interface Guidelines both these sites are excellent resources in helping you find your way to the dark side.

Also be sure to read my other blog post on “4 Explosive Web Design Trends to Watch Out for & 1 to Avoid in 2021

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I have a new resource that I actually found a couple of weeks ago and it’s HAIKEI this interactive site lets create different background images using a bunch of different fun things in order to create the background. I must warn you though, you might find yourself just playing around all day creating new backgrounds. I do highly recommend checking it out.

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Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t have to spend hours upon hours just to find that perfect stock photo or a perfect icon that represents pet adoption. Take these resources and bookmark them in your new favorites folder and label it “My Freelance Tools” and you’ll be on the path to becoming a successful and talented web developer before you know it!

If you are thinking of having a website built or you are designing a website for your company, keep these design resources in mind and let us know in the comments if you have any additional resources to add?

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Web Design to Improve Your Business in 2022

Web Design to Improve Your Business in 2022

Whether you own a fortune 500 company or you are printing T-shirts out of your basement, you want to do everything that you can to make your business successful and hopefully get ahead of the competition. In this blog post, we are going to explore a few things that will help your website succeed and will become a powerhouse way of getting your content out there to the masses.


Lynchburg Regional Business Regional


Today, we’re looking at a massive website for Lynchburg Regional Buiness Alliance. Now right off the bat, this first page isn’t the home page, but rather a “landing page.” These landing pages can be great when you are dealing with a website that has an insane amount of content and one of the greatest features on this page is the clear and concise blocks to help direct users to certain sections of the site.


Chunked Out Navigation


If you want to check out the latest events, news, blogs, job postings, or anything else there is going to be a brightly colored box otherwise a link to help get you to that part of the website.



Another trend that you are seeing more and more often is the “Chatbox” or “Chatbot.” You’ll notice from the image above in the very bottom right corner is a chat feature and it’s here that sometimes you’ll be lead to an easy method to contact the companies support, or in some cases its a FAQ, or in rare cases it’s an actual live person. This trend is perfect for bigger companies that want to make sure they are able to provide support and eliminate the chances of not being able to help someone.


It’s not always rainbows and puppy dogs though. As you click through the site, you quickly realize that the rest of the site doesn’t match the landing page and things quickly become crowded and just very different. It’s really important to keep the site consistent throughout in order to get things organized and concise.

Another thing I have to mention is the failure to use more white space and I know with a website like this, it might be hard to have a minimalist approach. However, I would highly recommend utilizing more white space when you are able to.


Don’t make it hard to find

If you are trying to get someone to signup for your newsletter or if you have a website that you have a lot of members using and they need to log into the site to access their information, then please make it easy for them to find it!

Hiding the login button or link in the footer is not doing anything good for anyone.

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Final Thoughts

Your business deserves to be heard and to be seen, so make sure you are communicating everything that you can to your web designer and let them know what your goals are for the website. What are things are most important for your customers? Is it making sure they know where to find the latest news and events or is it the ability to quickly log in and view their information through the member portal?


If you are thinking of having a website built or you are designing a website for your company, keep these design trends in mind and let us know in the comments if any of these stand out to you?


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4 Explosive Web Design Trends to Watch Out For & 1 to Avoid in 2022

4 Explosive Web Design Trends to Watch Out For & 1 to Avoid in 2022

In a world where we are constantly trying to grab the attention of a population that is increasingly becoming more and more impatient with how they want to consume the information or entertainment that they are looking for.

It’s important now more than ever to build websites and web apps that can deliver quality content with a memorable design that can not only be functional, but the design has to be out of this world in order for the user to experience that “wow” moment.

1. Dark Mode

Dark mode has been increasing in popularity as it promotes a low-contrast website or web application that you can view even while in low-light environments. Our eyes are not meant to stare all ultra blue light screens for long periods of time, so dark mode allows us to give our eyes a break, and not to mention it also saves on battery life for our phones. Now that is a “win win” situation!

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Source: WeTransfer

2. Changes in Scrolling (Parallax for images/text)

This design trend is really something when done right as it allows a website or application to depict movement that can help tell a story for the brand or subject. The added movement helps users get more engaged with the overall experience otherwise it could be quite boring. No one likes to be bored.


Source: DrinkCann

3. Horizontal Scrolling

This one does tend to cause a bit of riot with some people as it does break the normal of scrolling down a page. At first it can really trick your brain and you’re not quite sure if you like it or not, but you continue on because its different and different can indeed be memorable. After all being memorable is what we are aiming for here.

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4. Neumorphism

I know what you’re thinking, what does being scared of the mighty morphing power rangers have to do web design? This actually isn’t some made up word that a psychologist made up, but it’s actually the latest and greatest design trend that I believe will be around for quite some time.

Neumorphism is a combination of material design and skeuomorphism, in plain terms please. It’s 3D elements like buttons or image cards, ect. But with an attention to a minimalist design aesthetic. This design trend can make any site or application feel futuristic but without going over the top Terminator 2 method.

Trade and lore coffee shop

I would highly recommend avoiding this one

1. No Clearn Navigation or No Navigation at All

The navigation bar is one of the basic things for a website for your users to navigate through your website and without it, a user can become quite frustrated quickly. I’ve seen a good amount of websites that are simply leaving off a nav bar in order to showcase the content on the page and typically I see it done for portfolio websites or “edgy” websites that utilize a horizontal scroll or simply a scroll down to view all of the content. This method might be fine for those that really want to get “artsy” with their websites, but for the rest of us that are designing for the average person, its best to stay away from this trend or at the very least include navigation links in the footer.

Trade and lore coffee shop
Source: Floema

Final Thoughts

We want to break the norms of web trends and we expect to see something that will capture our attention, something that will make us stop and really pay attention. These web design trends are just the tip of the iceburg of the designs that are being explored. What matters most is that design is well thought out, organized, and you’re avoiding any confusion for your user.

If you are thinking of having a website built or you are designing a website for your company, keep these designs in mind and let us know in the comments if any of these stand out to you?

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