4 Explosive Web Design Trends to Watch Out For & 1 to Avoid in 2022

January 13, 2022

In a world where we are constantly trying to grab the attention of a population that is increasingly becoming more and more impatient with how they want to consume the information or entertainment that they are looking for.

It’s important now more than ever to build websites and web apps that can deliver quality content with a memorable design that can not only be functional, but the design has to be out of this world in order for the user to experience that “wow” moment.

1. Dark Mode

Dark mode has been increasing in popularity as it promotes a low-contrast website or web application that you can view even while in low-light environments. Our eyes are not meant to stare all ultra blue light screens for long periods of time, so dark mode allows us to give our eyes a break, and not to mention it also saves on battery life for our phones. Now that is a “win win” situation!

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2. Changes in Scrolling (Parallax for images/text)

This design trend is really something when done right as it allows a website or application to depict movement that can help tell a story for the brand or subject. The added movement helps users get more engaged with the overall experience otherwise it could be quite boring. No one likes to be bored.


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3. Horizontal Scrolling

This one does tend to cause a bit of riot with some people as it does break the normal of scrolling down a page. At first it can really trick your brain and you’re not quite sure if you like it or not, but you continue on because its different and different can indeed be memorable. After all being memorable is what we are aiming for here.

New Zealand Lanscape

4. Neumorphism

I know what you’re thinking, what does being scared of the mighty morphing power rangers have to do web design? This actually isn’t some made up word that a psychologist made up, but it’s actually the latest and greatest design trend that I believe will be around for quite some time.

Neumorphism is a combination of material design and skeuomorphism, in plain terms please. It’s 3D elements like buttons or image cards, ect. But with an attention to a minimalist design aesthetic. This design trend can make any site or application feel futuristic but without going over the top Terminator 2 method.

Trade and lore coffee shop

I would highly recommend avoiding this one

1. No Clearn Navigation or No Navigation at All

The navigation bar is one of the basic things for a website for your users to navigate through your website and without it, a user can become quite frustrated quickly. I’ve seen a good amount of websites that are simply leaving off a nav bar in order to showcase the content on the page and typically I see it done for portfolio websites or “edgy” websites that utilize a horizontal scroll or simply a scroll down to view all of the content. This method might be fine for those that really want to get “artsy” with their websites, but for the rest of us that are designing for the average person, its best to stay away from this trend or at the very least include navigation links in the footer.

Trade and lore coffee shop
Source: Floema

Final Thoughts

We want to break the norms of web trends and we expect to see something that will capture our attention, something that will make us stop and really pay attention. These web design trends are just the tip of the iceburg of the designs that are being explored. What matters most is that design is well thought out, organized, and you’re avoiding any confusion for your user.

If you are thinking of having a website built or you are designing a website for your company, keep these designs in mind and let us know in the comments if any of these stand out to you?

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