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My name is Daniel

Dan Conerd Asheville Photographer
Daniel Conerd Photography

Hi, I’m Daniel, but you can call me Dan.

I’ve carried a camera in my pocket since I was a child. At first, it was my mother’s polaroid. But after using all her film to capture my GI Joes and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in action, she bought me disposable cameras to take everywhere instead. That was, until I received my first camcorder when I was fifteen. Then I started filming everything – birthday parties, pranks with my friends, music videos, and school projects. These opportunities to use photo and video to tell stories are what brought me to my work of product photography.


Product photography is an art that takes patience and technical knowledge while still allowing creative control, which is what draws me to this work. As an entrepreneur, having owned and operated my fair share of small businesses, I understand the importance of building a brand to expand the customer base. And this is why my focus (pun intended) is to help clients create the perfect scene to match the story of their product and brand.

I, of course, don’t only do product photography as I’m available for portraits, events, and I’m available as a second shooter for weddings. Let me know what you need and if I can’t do it, I can recommend some talented people that can!

In addition to photography and videography, I’m also a web developer. When not behind my camera or working on websites, you can find me on an adventure with my fiancé Teryn and our husky Hona.
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