Hi there!

My name is Daniel

Daniel Conerd Photography

Daniel Conerd

I’m a smoked bourbon drinking, adventure-seeking, travel addicted, quiet ( but knows when to craft the perfectly timed dad joke )¬† photographer based in North Carolina. I’ve been using photography as a means of self expression since the age of 8 and producing lip syncing videos at the age of 15 ( back before youtube or tiktok was even a thing! ) I’m always learning and trying to perfect my craft and more importantly having fun all along the journey.


Other random things about me, I’m an Iraq War veteran but you’d probably never know unless I told you. I’ve lived in 6 different countries for more than 6 months to a year and I’ve traveled to 13 countries. I’m also a web developer, I built this website, and is the reason everything is different each time you visit the site.

Get in touch and let’s create some magic!