How to Set up Facebook Ads with ManyChat

February 14, 2022

Last week I covered the dashboard and explored a few of the features and automation that is provided on the backend of ManyChat.

Today as part the 3rd part to the ManyChat series, I wanted to touch upon the subject of using Facebook ads and collecting different metrics from those campaigns. 

In this blog post, we’re going to take a look at intergrating Facebook ads and data metrics to help drive sales for your business. 


Facebook Ads + ManyChat

One of the key features to ManyChat is the option to work directly with your already existing Facebook ad campaigns by importing them directly into the ManyChat dashboard and even better than that is that you can also create ads right from the ManyChat dashboard. You can set these ads as messages or traffic. 

Messages basically means that you are targeting users that are more likely to message your page, website, or business profile. Traffic is more geared towards those users that will likely make a purchase or they will click on a link to be directed to a specific page. 

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Who is your target audience?

Just like any other ad campaign that you’ve ever set up, you can specify the audience that you want to target. You can choose age, sex, location, or interests. If you set up any type of ad campaign then this won’t be anything new to you. If your business is a local gym, then you’ll want to target users with an interest in fitness. 


Chatbots can be good and bad

Video, Images, Text. You choose.

For each campaign  you can choose to use images, videos, or just regular text. Add a title, description, and a call to action button. Once you have it started you can see the preview of the ad all from right inside of the ManyChat dashboard. You don’t have to create our chatbot and then move over to Facebook ads and back again. You can do it all from ManyChat. 

You want metrics? We got metrics

Inside of ManyChat they also provide all of the metrics and data based on either how well or how bad your ads did and if they hit your goals. You can tell how many people saw your ad or how many of them interacted with your chatbot messages. Anytime a button is clicked or even if a purchase was made will all be recorded and tracked. This in in turn will give your business an incredible amount of insight on what campaigns work or which products sell better. 


ManyChat Chatbot Platform

The Bottom Line

Being able to stay inside one platform to create the chatbot automation and then being able to create ad campaigns along with messaging ad campaigns all from one spot makes this one of the go to spots for chatbots. Saving businesses time and money is always the name of the game and these features from ManyChat do exactly that. This is a great solution for any business that is looking to get its sales to the next level. I highly encourage you to start playing around with ManyChat to see how you can create a profit earning machine. 



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