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January 13, 2022

Do I really need a landing page?

This is something that I get asked quite often and most of the time my answer is quite unexpected.

I tell my clients that it really depends on what you’re trying to have your landing page do for your business. In some instances, a landing page can be quite helpful in order to showcase your business to someone that has never heard of you and it can help achieve a quick goal like obtaining an email address by getting the user to sign up for the newsletter. On the other hand, not every website or business needs a landing page as most landing pages on average only have a 2.35% conversion rate and in some cases when designed poorly can turn customers away from visiting the rest of your website.

That being said, let’s discuss what all goes into a high converting landing page.



I’ve chosen the landing page for for us to analyze and to dive into the details of what makes this such a great landing page for them. The best way to discover landing pages is by doing a simple Google search and then clicking on the links at the top of the search and yes these are the paid ads that I’m referring to.

This particular landing page for Keap I found when I searched for “Active Campaign.” Active Campaign is an email marketing and automation marketing services company. The main purpose of this landing page for Keap is to show the visitor that Keap is better than its competitor “ActiveCampaign.”


What’s their goal?

Right from the start, you’ll notice there is no main navigation on this page as the landing page only has one main goal and that is for you to see a demo of how Keap works and how they are better than their competitor. The main heading states “Keap outranks ActiveCampagin in every major catergory” and with this main heading set the tone for the landing page. Right under the main heading, they go directly into recommending that the visitor compare their services to ActiveCampaign’s services.

They are right away asking you to compare the two companies and expecting for visitors to take action.


The pictures make it real

Keap utilizes infographics along with images that show teasers for their features, but with each image and section showing the user reasons why they are better than ActiveCampaign. These are highly effective methods in showing the user the ways in which they are better, but it also shows the features and benefits of what Keap can do for their customers.

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Features, benefits, and everything in between

Keap starts off with listing out the numbers such as 84% of Keap customers saw an increase in clients and they have a 9 out of 10 ranking for customer service. From there they go into their detailed infographic of what Keap Pro can do versus what ActiveCampaign can do. This checklist method can be found everywhere whether if it’s T-mobile comparing themselves to Verizon or Ford versus BMW, but it’s an effective way to show the features of one company over another.

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Keap promotes easy set up, powerful tools, make more sales and get them faster, more organization with better value. I think the most compelling is their promotion of their tools from smart forms, campaign management, and even landing page tools all the while explaing why each tool is signicantly better than what is offered by ActiveCampaign.

Show me the proof

You can’t just say that you are better than your competitor and you can’t always show why you’re better either. One of the most effective things that you can do for your landing page is provide the proof. Social proof is where a business will showcase any awards or recognition from different rating services. Keap showcases their rating from Capterra and also their rating/award from

Keap goes even farther by placing not one, but two section sliders with testimonials from thier customers to help prove what they’ve been saying throughout the landing page.

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New Zealand Lanscape

Make it effective

On this landing page, Keap has strategically placed 5 “See Demo” links and 1 “Try it free” links as their CTA. It’s becoming more and more popular to showcase these CTA’s in this fashion of the “See Demo” instead of all of the links being the “Try it free” method as see demo is less invasive and less commitment to just viewing the demo rather than clicking on the try it for free button.

Typically I know that if it says “try it free” then I automatically assume now that I’ll probably be required to give up my email or that I might have to actually set up an account in order to just “try it for free. The “see demo” eliminates the automatic assumption that I’m going to have to give up an email address or that it might take up more of my time than I’m willing to give up.

Curious to learn more?

There are plently of resources out there that go through the in’s and outs of effective landing pages. Two of my favorite resources is Neil Patel’sHow to make a landing page that C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S.” and SEMrush’s blog post on “4 Characteristics high converting landing pages have in common.”

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Do you need a landing page for your business? What landing page attributes are important to you? Let us know in the comments below

If you are thinking of having a website built or you are designing a website for your company, keep these design resources in mind and let us know in the comments if you have any additional resources to add?


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